44% of iPhone owners plan to buy iPhone 13

According to a new survey, interest in this autumn’s new iPhone models is higher than usual, despite rumours that there will be no new design this time.

Out of 3,018 people surveyed in the US by SellCell, 43.7% said they intend to upgrade to the “iPhone 13” – which may in fact be called the iPhone 12s, if Apple is feeling superstitious – showing a small but potentially significant increase of 2.7% percentage points on the results when Apple fans were questioned ahead of the iPhone 12 launch. Just a few points of difference could change Apple’s bottom line by millions.

(A quick methodological digression: ‘Yes’ respondents have indeed gone up from 41% to 43.7%, but an interesting discrepancy between the 2020 and 2021 surveys is the disappearance or non-reporting of the ‘Maybe’ option, which made up 25% of responses for the iPhone 12. If they were allowed the option of ‘Maybe’ this time, would any of the 43.7% have plumped for that instead? Perhaps demand hasn’t increased as much as it seems.)

Of those interested in upgrading, 38.2% said they would choose the standard 6.1in model, while 30.8% went for the largest 6.7in model and 24% for the 6.1in Pro model. This means that only 7% are interested in the mini model, which we’ve argued Apple should not make.

The most attractive features to potential upgraders are improved screens and a built-in under-screen fingerprint reader, but it should be noted that the latter innovation is likely to be another year or two away, according to experts.

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