Jeff Bezos is too rich for one lifetime, so he’s trying to live forever

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has come a long way. From being just a book seller in the 90s to being richest person in the world, Bezos has crossed many milestones. But a new frontier beckons for the billionaire as he plans to live forever, or at the very least longer than average human beings. He is even investing money in research in this direction.

As per MIT Technology Review, Bezos is backing a company that is pursuing biological reprogramming technology which is a way to rejuvenate cells in lab. Some scientists think that such an approach can revitalise entire animal bodies and ultimately prolong life.

The company is called Altos Labs. It is currently reported to be recruiting large cadre of scientists and offering them lavish salaries. They also have assurance that they will have freedom conduct unfettered research to study how cells age. They will not have the pressure scientists working in corporate companies face to deliver the product.

Jeff Bezos has his fingers in many pies. Although he stepped down as a CEO of Amazon in July and went to outer space in a rocket built by his aerospace company Blue Origin. Bezos has ownership of Washington Post and has sizeable investment in Insider (formerly Business Insider).

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