Disney is hiring people to up its theme parks’ TikTok game

Disney’s theme park division is hiring two people to be content creators for its social media accounts with a special emphasis on TikTok.

A job listing on Disney’s careers website for a “social media content coordinator” says: “Experience with all aspects of social media and an avid user of various social platforms, especially TikTok, is required for this role.”

Disney Parks also posted a TikTok video advertising the role on January 4. The TikTok ad said in the role applicants will “love all things Disney” and be a “food connoisseur.”

According to the job listing the role will last roughly 12 months and successful applicants will work roughly 29 hours per week.

CNBC reported the company was hiring two people for the role — one based in its Anaheim, California park, the other in Orlando, Florida. Although the Orlandolisting is still live, the Anaheim listing has been removed from Disney’s jobs website, Insider found.

Disney Parks’s biggest social media following is on TikTok, which is famous for its popularity with younger users. Disney parks has 4.1 million followers on TikTok compared to 2 million on Twitter, 1.8 million on Instagram, and 905,000 on Facebook.

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