Zuckerberg says don’t screenshot your Facebook messenger chats

Facebook Messenger will start notifying users when someone takes screenshots of their chats. Earlier, this alert system was available when someone took a screenshot in ‘Vanish Mode’, but the company will now extend it to all chats that are also end-to-end encrypted. In a post, Facebook Messenger parent Meta explains, “We think it’s important that you are able to use encrypted chats and feel safe, so we want to keep you informed if anyone takes screenshots of your disappearing messages.” Meta is also introducing a host of other features such as end-to-end encrypted Group Chats and Calls on Messenger.

Facebook’s Messenger is also getting reactions to allow users to react to messages with emojis. A long-press will give access to the emoji tray, while a double tab will let users ‘heart’ the message. The feature is already live on Instagram Direct Messages and is rumoured to arrive on WhatsApp later this year. Additionally, Facebook Messenger will let you users reply to specific messages. Users can either long-press the message and select reply on swipe to use the feature on the app. Again, the same feature is already available on Meta-owned WhatsApp and Instagram.

Additionally, Messenger is getting typing indications. It is available for both personal and group chats. Meta is also adding Message forward to Messenger that is already available on WhatsApp. It will essentially let users forward messages and media files with just fewer clicks. However, it is unclear whether forwarded messages will bear ‘forward’ text that we notice on WhatsApp. It was introduced to let users understand the authenticity of a message.

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