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Facebook dhe Google lejojnë punën nga shtëpia deri në fund të vitit 2020

Facebook dhe Google kanë prezantuar së fundmi planet për të rihapur zyrat e tyre, pas mbylljes nga pandemie e koronavirusit, por shtojnë se ata do t’i lejojnë punonjësit të vazhdojnë të punojnë nga shtëpia edhe për pjesën e mbetur të vitit. Google fillimisht tha se do të mbante politikën e saj të punës nga shtëpia deri më 1 qershor, por tashmë po e zgjat atë edhe për shtatë muaj të tjerë, ndërsa Facebook synon të rihapë zyrat më 6 korrik pasi masat shtrënguese të hiqen. Shefi ekzekutiv i Google, Sundar Pichai deklaron se punonjësit që duhet të kthehen në zyrë mund ta bëjnë këtë gjë nga korriku. por me masa të zgjeruara siguria, ndërsa ata që duan ta kryejnë punën nga shtëpia, mund të qëndrojnë deri në fund të vitit. “Facebook ka ndërmarrë hapin tjetër në filozofinë e tij të rikthimit në punë. Sot, ne njoftuam këdo që mund të bëjë punën e tij nga distanca, mund të zgjedhë ta bëjë këtë deri në fund të vitit,” tha një zëdhënës i kompanisë

Bill Gates says ‘worst nightmare has come true’ with pandemic

The Microsoft co-founder has pledged to help produce billions of doses of vaccines to tackle Covid-19. Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has said the global Covid-19 pandemic is his “worst nightmare”, while promising to assist the process of manufacturing vaccines. In an interview with The Times, the billionaire said that he had been concerned about the impact of a vial pandemic for years. Mr Gates, formerly the richest man in the world, has previously warned about the world’s need to prepare for global health crises. “My worst nightmare has come true,” he said. Supplies of PPE have become widely criticised as part of the UK’s response to the pandemic (Dominic Lipinski/PA) In a Ted Talk in 2015, Mr Gates reflected on the 2014 Ebola outbreak and said global societies were not ready for a future epidemic, urging countries to prepare supplies and expertise. He said in the talk: “In the movies it’s quite different. There’s a group of handsome epidemiologists ready to go, they move in, they save the day, but that’s just pure Hollywood.” In response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Mr Gates told The Times the global health charity in his name will arrange funding to build factories to produce vaccines. These factories will be ready to manufacture billions of different vaccines prior to their approval in order to speed up the process. You go to war with the leaders you have. In retrospect, you get to judge how well that wentBill Gates on how leaders were managing the pandemic He said: “They are going to put it in humans fairly soon. “If their antibody results are one of the ones that are promising then we and others in a consortium will help make sure that massive manufacturing gets done.” The American billionaire has dedicated much of…

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WhatsApp ups limit on video calls to eight people

WhatsApp video calls can now include up to eight people instead of just four. In order to reach the new upper limit, everyone on the call will need to be running the updated version of the app. To start a group video call, you can either initiate the call directly from a group chat or add extra people manually after starting a one-on-one call. WhatsApp’s site notes that its video calls are end-to-end encrypted. For those keeping track, WhatsApp’s new limit compares to the 12-person limit that was recently introduced for Google Duo. Meanwhile, Apple’s FaceTime supports 32, Houseparty supports eight, Skype and Facebook’s new Messenger Rooms service support 50, and Zoom’s free tier supports 100. The new upper limit is available now on iOS, but it doesn’t appear to be available from the Google Play Store just yet. If you’re an impatient Android user, then MSPowerUser reports that you can grab the updated APK directly from WhatsApp’s website.


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